Gold & Diamond Exchange Services


Buying and selling jewelry is what we do best at the Gold & Diamond Exchange. We take the jewelry you sell to us and resell each piece for the most affordable prices in town. From earrings and necklaces, to rings and more, check out our available selection in-store before it’s gone!

Silver Gold Pawn

Trade in your jewelry today at Gold & Diamond Exchange. We can take in your precious silver and gold accessories for great bargains. Our customers get the best deals when they visit our pawn shop!

Used Electronics

Are you searching for inexpensive used electronics? We want you to check out our pawn shop store today! Our electronics are quality inspected and are sold at low-cost prices that you can’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for a laptop, cellphone, or more, we invite you to visit our store now!

Game Systems

Come on by Gold & Diamond Exchange to purchase a computer or game system today! We pawn items and resell them for the most affordable prices. Visit in-store to see what you can find. We have the latest console systems and computers that you can purchase right now!

Music Instruments

Are you looking into buying a musical instrument? See what you can find at Gold & Diamond Exchange. We have a variety of music instruments that have been bought and sold from our locals in Biloxi. Our pawn shop has a selection from brass, drums, wind, and so much more!

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